internet security

The internet has become dangerous with the malware, scams, and hacks. With the various devices that are used to access the internet, there is need to be more carefully.

Hackers can easily hack into these devices and access your personal information which is private and confidential. Your business secret may also fall into the hands of your business rivals if you are not careful. Let us explore some of the tips that are critical when you want to stay online.

Complex Passwords

complex passwordsOne of the ways of staying safe online is by creating complex passwords. You should create unique and strong passwords for all your accounts. Avoid using a single password for various platforms; also avoid using passwords that could be easily guessed by third parties. One of the best ways of keeping your financial and personal information safe is by creating the complex passwords.

There has been cases in the past whereby a single hack has revealed the password of an individual for the other platforms. Avoid reusing passwords, or better still make use of the password manager which will help you in generating and storing strong passwords.

Network Security

Another way of staying online is by boosting your network security. After you have secured yor passwords, you need to ensure that the connections are secure. When you are at work or home and you are accessing your internet via a router, you can make use of the password to limit the number of people that access your network.

Avoid using the public Wi-Fi which is usually unsecured. A hacker can easily access tour information or of the device if you are on a public network. You may invest in a virtual private network which will help in masking your real IP address.

Public Wifi

wifi connectionBe weary of the public wifi and use the sparingly. Many hackers are increasingly hacking the public wifi to access the confidential information of various users. When you are using the public wifi, do not access sensitive website that could put you in jeopardly.

When you are using the public computer, avoid logging into your online banking account. Always check that the computers do not have the keylogger software that keep track of all the key logging activity in someone’s computer.